Lauren's Good Characteristics Chart

Good Characteristics

Good Websites

Why I chose these websites

1.Simple Apple Website I believe that this is a well put together website because it is pretty easy to access. It has different tabs telling where everything should be located on the website. As well as they know how to make you want to buy the newest model of apple products through advertising the newer models.
2.Easy to use Pinterest Website I would have to say that this as well is a good website. The reason I think that this website is a good website is because it gives a lot of cool ideas with just using pictures and if you click on the pictures it will take you to the website of that picture so its very efficient. As well as with the previous website it is accessible.
3.Fast speed Food Network Website This website to me is very fun to look at because they have food and different challenges that they have had as soon as you open the website. They dont have very many ads as well which is good because sometimes ads can take away from the content of the website.
4.Good use of color Ivory Ella Website I think that this website is very appealing to the eyes they had a good choice in colors that they used.They are very subtle colors not to extravagant. As well as they have everything for the most part pretty organized.
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